Patrick Kettner

Dec 31st, 2017

Patrick is someone who I don't know much about (yet!) but someone I would like to get to know more in 2018.

We met in person this year in Fortaleza Brazil where we were both speaking at Brazil JS. I started the conversation (somewhat predictably) "Hey other browser person! nice to meet you." We talked about keeping web compatibility and browser bugs. Then, the conversation somehow morphed into knitting.

Turns out, he is a fellow knitter! We bonded over the conversation about yarn stores and yarn made out of possum(!!). I hope our path cross again in 2018 and we get to have a knitting circle at some conference.

Patrick wrote a post about Image Maps, covering the history & what's possible now. Enjoy!

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Creating Responsive Image Maps

Ask Patrick

What is one tool you can't leave at home in order to do your work ?

A sleepmask. I travel a lot for work (for meetups, conferences), and as a result I am regularly pretty jetlagged. In the begining I struggled with getting actual work done while travelling (wether it is speaking or just keeping up with my emails). I got a good sleepmask to help, and it is super weird to find out how much more productive I was after a good nights sleep. I use one to make sure I get enough rest to be of any use to anyone. I even use it at home now.

As for dev tools, I would say jsbin. I use the site constantly for quick demo and to test out bugs in the browser. It is by far my most used dev site.

What did you learn in 2017 ?

One of the things I dove into near the end of the year was WebBluetooth. After reading over the spec, I created a polyfill for Microsoft Edge. Being able to control a number of my devices at home using just a browser is a really exciting advancement for the web platform. I can't wait to see how it develops in 2018.

What do you want to learn/work on/improve in 2018?

I have a half dozen projects in various states of flux that I started in 2017 that I still haven't shipped. I hope to release some, if not all of them in 2018, and to just get better at finishing the projects I start.