Monica Dinculescu

Dec 25th, 2017

If you are following web development trend & conference talks, you might know Monica is pretty into emoji, cats, and web components.

We met at a conference 3 years ago when I was just starting to code on my job. She was an engineer from big name corporation who writes C++ and built DNS. She told me she deals with a compiler yelling at her all day. I didn't even know what that meant at the time. With her very friendly personality, I wasn't necessarily intimidated but I definitely thought we exist in totally different world. I don't know how it happed but I work at the same company as her now. I don't write C++ but she doesn't either.

I'm constantly jealous of her ability to style websites and slides. I can never make cute looking pages that fast. Her secret source is should ask her how she designs her holiday card sometime.

While I enjoy listening to her talk about perfect tiny sandwich and type of glaze on pottery, I also like listening to her talk about web components spec. She make it sounds exciting and approachable, which is not the case when you actually read the spec text. Enjoy this post on styling the Shadow DOM.

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::part and ::theme, an ::explainer

Ask Monica

What is one tool you can't leave at home in order to do your work ?

I obviously can’t really do anything without my laptop, but it turns out that I’ve become one of these analog planners people, and life is hard work if I don’t have that with me.

What did you learn in 2017 ?

Oh god, I TIL literally all the time, so this is a hard one. I finally understood how and when fonts get loaded in a page (despite thinking I already knew that) which was pretty exciting! It explained a lot of weird behaviors I’ve been seeing when I travel on 2G, and now when I see them I can go “oh, duh” which is nice. It’s like you’re in the know!

What do you want to learn/work on/improve in 2018?

I want to become a better potterer (and find out what the correct word for a person that does pottery. Potterer? Ceramicist?)! I started taking pottery classes this year, and they’re really fun, but I still have a loooong way to go before I stop making wonky stuff.