Mariko Kosaka

Dec 22nd, 2017

This past November was my 10th anniversary in the tech industry. Last 3 years were spent in a job writing code. Last year, I called for running a blog advent calender - a collection of 25 articles by people who build on the web. This year, I've invited people whose work I admire and who impact my life in these 3 years at coding job.

Each day, I'll write how I know them, link to their blog post - coding related or not, and share short answers from them on their work in 2017/2018.

I'm starting this with my own post. 2017 was tough year. I went through roller coaster of emotions on many different occasions. I wanted to put a coda on one thing I've been thinking a lot.

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Blur the Line - On "tech" and "non-tech" discussion, and how it's a toxic lie.

Ask Mariko

What is one tool you can't leave at home in order to do your work ?

Pen and Papers. I know it's so analog, but it works great.

What did you learn in 2017 ?

Browser internals. How and what has to happen in order to display a web page.

What do you want to learn/work on/improve in 2018?

I want to make a pseudo browser inside of a browser.