Mani Nilchiani

Dec 28th, 2017

Upside of being part of friendly and open community like boro.js (NYC JavaScript community) is that you get to share an excitement with other people sololy based on what you built and what you are working on.

I got to know Mani as a person who makes art, who writes JavaScript, and who sings and plays guitar.

2017, especially around the time new administration took the office, was the time I got to know many of my boro.js firends by their family heritagae and their visa status - things that never really brought up in conversations before. It was directly impacting our life that we could not just ignore and carry on talking about which JavaScript framework to use.

Mani was one of my friends who was very open about his story and was actively working to help others. I learned so much raw stories form him - the storeis that never got broadcasted on media. I followed his social media feed as a way for me to know what's happening in immigration policies and what to prepare for.

I admire his bravely.

This Web Advent project is a low-key bring-your-own-blog-post operation, but I specifically asked Mani if he could refrect on things that happended last year. He put together a breatutiful post. I hope you take time to read his story.

P.S - damn Mani, I wish I could write words as elegantly as you do.

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On Omelettes & Immigration

Ask Mani

What is one tool you can't leave at home in order to do your work ?

My laptop, my Oh My Zsh! setup, babel.js and my trusty fidget cube!

What did you learn in 2017 ?

I learned that I too can thrive in stressful, fast-paced environments if I work with clarity and intent. Realizing that everyone else around me is going through similar struggles at work in the face of deadlines, while trying to maintain good quality of code and clear lines of communication helped me overcome intimidation and turn threats into opportunities for growth. I learned that I am more than ready and able to dip my toes in new languages, paradigms and frameworks, and I am fully capable of becoming an effective contributor using new tools and languages if I put my mind into it. In short, nothing is out of reach!

What do you want to learn/work on/improve in 2018?

I'm very much looking forward to expanding my skillset to mediums outside of the web. Creative coding with a focus on VR & AR is the main area where I can't wait to explore and experiment with in more depth.