Justin Falcone

Dec 23nd, 2017

First time I met Jusin was at a meetup in Jersey City called JerseyScript. He talked about breakfast and obsession of making breakfast as a hipster living in Brooklyn. He then made breakfast, on screen, with SVG and React.

I would say Justin is a performer, anthropologist, and historian. When he research a topic for his writing or talk, he seems to go down deep on research. He often goes out to find historical facts and influences. His talk is structured like a 3 Act stage show.

I hope you enjoy this post from him, on FizzBuzz the brief history and how industry treats it.

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FizzBuzz and Folklore

Ask Justin

What did you learn in 2017 ?

The biggest change in the way I think about programming was a result of learning Prolog — it requires a radically different approach to solving problems, but that approach has stuck with me even in “normal” programming languages.

What do you want to learn/work on/improve in 2018?

My main goal for 2018 is to get into the habit of releasing small projects on a regular schedule, and not try to make everything a Grand Statement.